Autism Interview #210: Ann on Friendship and Making Assumptions

Ann discovered she was Autistic at age 11. It wasn’t until then that she saw autism as a spectrum. Ever since discovering she was Autistic, she has wanted everyone to know and be understanding of how it affects her. Unfortunately, she has had negative experiences with stereotypical assumptions, talking about her behind her back, and ignoring her. This week Ann discussed inclusion, friendship, and the dangers of making assumptions.

Autism Interview #209: Ari Winters on Socialization and Relating Languages

Ari Winters is a professional facilitator and creator of The Relating Languages. Growing up, they were drawn to the complexities of human interaction, acting as a bridge between different social circles and communities. This sparked their fascination with facilitating discussions and fostering connections between people from diverse backgrounds. They have worked with organizations such as…

Autism Interview #197 Part 1: Mike Macedo on Autistic Identity

This is the first part of a two-part interview with Mike Macedo. Mike Macedo is a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, writer, and autism advocate working in Rhode Island. Macedo speaks on a variety of autism advocacy topics including school and workplace transitions. This week he shared some of his experiences growing up undiagnosed with multiple disabilities and often misunderstood by his peers.

Autism Interview #196: Dr. Natasa Tsiaousidou on Socialization, Autistic Doctors, and Autistic Patients

Dr. Natasa Tsiaousidou is a general surgeon, a researcher with a PhD in pancreatic cancer and several publications in the fields of cancer and surgery, and a part-time scientific writer. She is originally from Greece and currently lives in Scotland, UK. After being diagnosed with autism a few months ago, she started a blog on autism called with an aim to address the problems Autistic people often have to deal with at work. When she’s not on clinical duty or writing, she enjoys practicing martial arts, listening to progressive metal music, and reading about cosmology, chance and probabilities, striving ineffectually to make sense of this world.