autism blog contribution
Learn from Autistics values the opinions of all autistic individuals. We aim to publish articles and resources that respect autistic voices and teach autism advocacy. If you are interested in getting your voice heard, there are few opportunities we are currently providing:

Autism Blog

The Learn from Autistics Autism blog publishes regular interviews with autistic individuals. These interviews can be conducted via Skype or through email. We also welcome articles from guest bloggers. Contact jennagensic(at)learnfromautistics(dot)com.

Autism in Education

Learn from Autistics is currently conducting research for the next books in our series which will offer advice for parents about how they can help their autistic children succeed in the elementary, high school, and college education careers. Like Parenting Advice from 12 Autistics, these books will be based on information provided by autistic individuals. Contact jennagensic(at)learnfromautistics(dot)com.


Learn from Autistics does not offer monetary compensation for interviews or other written contributions. However, we are happy to include relevant contact and promotional material in anything we publish.


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