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Learn from Autistics values the opinions of all Autistic individuals. We aim to publish articles and resources that respect autistic voices and teach autism advocacy. If you are interested in getting your voice heard, there are few opportunities we are currently providing:

Autism Blog

The Learn from Autistics Autism blog publishes regular interviews with Autistic individuals. These interviews can be conducted via online video meeting or through email. We also welcome articles from guest bloggers. Contact jennagensic(at)learnfromautistics(dot)com.

Learn from Autistics does not currently offer monetary compensation for interviews or other written contributions to this blog. However, we have recently started a Kofi account for this purpose (See the scrolling Writer Fund button at the bottom of this page). We are happy to include relevant contact and promotional material in anything we publish. 100% of the money donated through this platform goes to pay Autistic writers to contribute content to the Learn from Autistics website.


Teen and Young Adult Autism Advocacy

Learn from Autistics is currently conducting research for a new book. Like Parenting Advice from 12 Autistics and The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy, this book will be based strictly on information provided by Autistic individuals. Below is a full description of the project along with a link to a survey for contributors.

About the Project

I’m partnering with Dr. Jennifer Elizabeth Brunton and Detester Magazine to collect research for a book specifically on #ActuallyAutistic teen and young adult advocacy for inclusion in all areas of society, with particular emphasis on the intersectionality of disability and race. The book will include guidance based solely on advice from the Autistic community.

Topics discussed include teen and young adult advocacy for educational, racial, social, and emotional inclusion both in schools and other public spaces—including the policing of Autistic youth. We believe that Autistic testimonies and advice on these crucial topics should reach a wide range of audiences: Autistic youth who are learning to self-advocate, families of Autistic youth who want to help them self-advocate, and Neurotypicals who surround Autistic youth.

Detester Magazine is a youth-led nonprofit platform dedicated to amplifying people of color youth activism and socio-political issues. Dr. Jennifer Elizabeth Brunton is a Neurodivergent writer, editor, and mother to a Neurodivergent young adult and blogs at Full Spectrum Mama.

Detester Magazine has spearheaded the creation of a survey to help collect Autistic voices. Not all fields are required. You can answer only the questions that interest or pertain to you, however few that may be. There is the option to view all of the questions and complete the survey at a later time. You can also remain anonymous, if you wish. See link below to participate.

SHORT survey

While we are targeting advice for ages 13-25, older adult voices are also welcome since adults have expertise and advice based on their experiences as teenagers. We welcome input of all ages and racial identities

Part of the proceeds of this book will go to an autistic-led organization of Detester’s choice. We are currently considering AWN’s APOC (Autistic People of Color) Fund.

There is also an opportunity to include self-promotional details, such as website and product/service offerings, contact info, etc. for those who wish to provide it.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.