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The Neurotypical Parent’s Autism Advocacy Toolkit

This download is a beginner’s guide to helping parents model autism acceptance and autism advocacy. It is a brief primer to understanding the movement towards civil rights for autistics and offers parents a foundation for furthering the neurodiversity movement in their own homes and communities. This concise guide also contains many useful resources for learning about advocacy and disability rights.

In the Autism Advocacy Toolkit, you will find:

  • A discussion of the importance of self-advocacy
  • A brief history of autism advocacy and the neurodiversity movement
  • Information about how parents can adopt an autism advocacy mindset that respects autistics on the spectrum
  • A list of common terms and definitions associated with the autism advocacy movement
  • Ideas for how parents can teach their children to advocate for themselves
  • Advocacy quotes from autistics themselves
  • A list of self-advocate autism blogs to follow for more information
  • A list of autism advocacy organizations

If you are already an expert autism advocate:

This toolkit offers a summary snapshot of the autism advocacy movement and is a useful resource for sharing with your family and friends who are not intimately familiar with autism. Consider it a summary card with the basic disability rights tenets that may substitute uncomfortable or fatiguing conversations you’d have constantly correcting your friends or family. This guide is a great way to explain some of your beliefs about neurodiversity and autism acceptance. It also can help others better understand autism and where they can obtain additional information from sources that promote autism acceptance.

The Autism Advocacy Toolkit is a good resource to discuss with:

  • Other parents of autistic children
  • Other family members
  • Family friends
  • Special education or general education teachers
  • Anyone interested in learning about the neurodiversity movement

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