Learn from Autistic People supports Autistic content creators and advocates in a variety of ways. We offer easy ways to share original content on this website, promote other Autistic-authored or endorsed content in newsletters and on social media, and produce original publications that celebrate Autistic voices.

We’ve partnered with self-advocate Dr. Jennifer Elizabeth Brunton (an accomplished writer, blogger, editor, teacher, and mom among other things!) to continue producing original works that respectfully elevate Autistic voice and expertise. Our first collaboration, The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy takes an in-depth look at the key elements of effective, respectful, inclusive advocacy and allyship. Every topic was chosen, shaped, and informed by #ActuallyAutistic perspectives. Our newest book (available in late 2024), The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Teen and Young Adult The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Building Independence: A Handbook for Teens, Young Adults, and Those Who Care About Them, targets topics useful to teen and young adults and is, again, fundamentally shaped by Autistic expertise.

And there are more in the works!

We have established a Kofi account to support our work and continue to offer opportunities for Autistic people to be heard. All funds collected go to:

  • Compensating Autistic writers and editors for contributing content to this website.
  • Compensating Autistic writers and editors for contributing content to publication projects in process.
  • Compensating Autistic people for miscellaneous work related to the Learn from Autistic People mission.
  • Providing for upkeep and web costs for the Learn From Autistic People site.

Proceeds from the sale of the ebook What Your Child on the Spectrum Really Needs: Advice from 12 Autistic Adults will also go to this fund. Click here to view the full description or purchase this ebook.

Visit our Kofi page or click on the coffee cup at the bottom left of this page to donate. Thank you for your support!