Autism Interview #211: Dave Bochichio on Financial Advice for Families

Dave Bochichio is an Autistic financial advisor serving neurodivergent individuals, their families, and professionals supporting them. His mission is to help clients reduce uncertainty, stress, and time spent worrying about their finances. Aside from partnering on financial goals, Dave also serves to be a behavioral coach around money, a financial educator, and a family coordinator on…

Autism Interview #210: Ann on Friendship and Making Assumptions

Ann discovered she was Autistic at age 11. It wasn’t until then that she saw autism as a spectrum. Ever since discovering she was Autistic, she has wanted everyone to know and be understanding of how it affects her. Unfortunately, she has had negative experiences with stereotypical assumptions, talking about her behind her back, and ignoring her. This week Ann discussed inclusion, friendship, and the dangers of making assumptions.

Autism Interview #209: Ari Winters on Socialization and Relating Languages

Ari Winters is a professional facilitator and creator of The Relating Languages. Growing up, they were drawn to the complexities of human interaction, acting as a bridge between different social circles and communities. This sparked their fascination with facilitating discussions and fostering connections between people from diverse backgrounds. They have worked with organizations such as…

Autism Interview #208: Michael Fugate on Bridging the Gap Between the Autistic Community and Autism Service Providers

Michael Fugate is a commercial driver and public speaker from Indiana. Fugate is passionate about mental health and helping others gain the confidence to improve their lives. He enjoys music, films, history, writing, guitar, traveling, studying the world wars, and Howard Hughes. He hopes to expand his role as a public advocate to serve those in need.

This week Fugate shared some of his experience as a public speaker and his passion for bridging the gap between the Autistic community and autism service providers.

Autism Interview #207: Hanna Mashima on Self Diagnosis

Hanna Mashima is originally from Japan, a self-identified autist with OCD, Bipolar and Dissociative identity disorder.

Hanna builds her life around work and study, knowing the gap between her capabilities in professional capacity and private life.

Twitter: @hannamashima

This week she shared her path to self diagnosis, common misconceptions, and autism acceptance.

Autism Interview #206: Tas Kronby on Autism and Religious Trauma

Tas (they/we) is a neurodivergent writer & published author. They are autistic, disabled, a medically diagnosed DID system, a person of color, nonbinary, queer, and proud. They have a passion for equal access and human rights. They advocate for inclusion, equal access, and acceptance of neurodiversity & disability. Primarily their advocacy is focused on higher education and workplace accommodations/navigation. Last week they shared an article he wrote on Autism and Religious Trauma. This week they shared some of their own experiences with religion.


Autism Interview #204: Daniel Williams on Keeping a Positive Attitude

Daniel Ray Williams is a first time author who self-published his first book, an autobiography, My Voice: Faced with Autism in 2018. Daniel has a passion for writing and been writing since the age of 12. Daniel is at work writing his second book. This week he shared some of his difficulties navigating life as as a member of multiple marginalized identities and how his positive attitude has helped him throughout his life.