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Learn From Autistics publishes articles and books on autism that celebrate autistic voices and promote neurodiversity and autism acceptance.

An Approach That Differs From Other Books on Autism

We respect the dignity of autistic individuals and seek people willing to volunteer their stories and advice with us, asserting the most important and valuable messages they want conveyed to parents and caregivers.

Parenting Advice From 12 Autistics (tentative title)

Parenting Advice From 12 Autistics is an advice book for parents and caregivers of autistic individuals with ideas generated from autistic adults themselves who have reflected on their experiences growing up. The advice comes from a variety of autistic adults including writers, journalists, students, an IT professional, a stay-at-home mom, a hotel services employee, a relationship coach, a data architect and analyst, and a Pulitzer-Prize winning music critic.

Unlike many other books on autism written by doctors, psychologists, or parents of autistic children, the topics discussed in this book were selected by autistic contributors and written by a neurotypical parent. This book bridges the divide between the literature of non-autistic parents and professionals and that of autistic memoirists and self-advocates. It teaches neurotypical parents different ways of thinking about their autistic children, with instructions provided by the autistic contributors.

Parenting Advice From 12 Autistics will be available in February 2019. Check this page for publication updates.

Autism Advocacy Tips for Neurotypical Parents

Learn From Autistics is conducting research for a book on autism advocacy for neurotypical parents (what to do/not to do). This book would only be based on the input/expertise of autistic individuals. If you would like to be interviewed for these books, please contact jennagensic(at)learnfromautistics(dot)com.

Learn From Autistics understands that not all autistics and autism advocates share the same beliefs. We believe in the value of listening to autistic voices and working to improve society’s treatment of individuals on the spectrum. This focus results in developing easy-to-understand and immediately practical articles and books on autism that promote autistic voices, autism advocacy, and acceptance.