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Autism Resources for Parents

Autism resources for parents of individuals on the spectrum (and their children) are listed below. These articles introduce parents to the concept of neurodiversity and autism advocacy and offer tips for helping children grow to understand autism in a positive and healthy manner.

Autism Advocacy Terms

A list of terms for understanding neurodiversity and autism advocacy.

Explaining Autism to Your Child

A guide for understanding when your child is ready to learn about his diagnosis and how to approach the conversation to build a healthy, positive attitude about autism.

Feeding Strategies for the Picky Eater

A list of practical strategies to help your child feel safe around food and learn to enjoy a larger variety of meals.

Self-Advocate Blogs

A list of blogs by autistic self-advocates.

Resource Hubs That Prioritize Autistic Voices

A list of organizations that put autistic individuals on the forefront of the public conversation about autism.

The Neurotypical Parent’s Autism Advocacy Toolkit

A guide for parents interested in learning about the neurodiversity movement and how to spread autism acceptance and stand up for autistic rights.

Talking About Autism: The Top 5 Language Mistakes You’re Making

Explanations of common language mistakes people make when talking about autism that can damage the self-confidence of people on the spectrum.