Merry Christmas from Learn From Autistics

As you settle into whatever holiday routine your family might have this time of year, keep in mind ways you can continually accommodate for those around you on the spectrum. Stay in constant communication with those you know on the spectrum so that you can support them in both small and big ways. Small changes can add up to make a big difference, so consider this work never finished. Supporting and accommodating for the autistic people around you (especially during the holidays) is a continual improvement process. Try not to assume your desired routine and schedule of events is what’s “best” and desired of everyone.

Want to hear more stories about Christmas from the #ActuallyAutistic community? Check out some of the links below for some recent perspectives. Happy Holidays!

The National Autistic Society has posted Autistic Christmas stories about how they celebrate (or don’t celebrate!) Christmas, and share their thoughts on what the ‘perfect Christmas’ means to them.

An Autistic Person’s Christmas: Not Bah Humbug, Just Bald Incomprehension by Susan Dunne

To Children with Autism, From a Santa with Autism by Kerry Magro

Autism Christmas Tips and Tricks by Purple Ella

An Autistic Person’s Guide to an Autism-friendly Christmas by Chris Bonnello

Four Ways Christmas Affects Me and My Autism by Kit Smethurst 

Christmas for Autistic Adults: What is it really like? by faithmummy

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