Autism Education Resources for Back-to-School

Is your autistic child headed back to school? The Learn From Autistics Blog contains many educational resources you might find useful.

Many of our interviewees have discussed:

  • Their personal experiences in school (both positive and negative),
  • Ways the general education system and its teachers could better serve autistic students, and
  • Educational advocacy tips for autistic students and their parents.

Below is a review of some of the education articles and interviews available from the Learn From Autistics Blog.

Articles About Autism and Education

Helping Your Autistic Child Succeed in a New School

Advocating for a Sensory-Friendly Classroom

Education Tips for Students with Asperger’s

Public Vs. Private Schools for Autistic Education

Quotes About School by Autistic People

Advocating for College Students on the Spectrum

Autistic Interviewees Speaking About Education

Dr. Stephen Shore on Autism and Education Part 1–Teaching self-advocacy in schools and improving the quality of the IEP conference.

Dr. Stephen Shore on Autism and Education Part 2–How teachers can improve/encourage the emotional and social development of children on the spectrum?

Ally Grace on Unschooling, Therapy, and Autism–What does unschooling look like and what are the benefits?

Courtney Johnson on Motivation–Gaining confidence to succeed academically (and in all areas of life!).

Kenneth Kelty on Inclusion–Making college campuses and summer camps more inclusive.

Autism and Changing Classroom Strategies–An article by Judy Endow.

Chris Bonnello on Understanding Different Perspectives–Identifying positive supports leading to academic success. Chris Bonnello has experience as an autistic school teacher teaching autistic students.

Jesse Saperstein on Autism Advocacy–Advice for when your child is being bullied.

Haley Moss on Growing Up With a Positive Autistic Identity–Tips for preparing your autistic child for college.

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