Autistic Christmas Readings

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I wish you the warmest, most joyful and blessed holiday season. My prayer for all readers is that you have an opportunity to experience peace and love in your homes and communities as the year comes to a close. May your sacrifices and struggles reap rewards and may you be blessed with love and acceptance.

As always, it’s best to gain insight into the autistic condition by listening to the voices of autistic people. Here are a selection of articles on Christmas that are authored by individuals on the spectrum.

The Hidden Rules of Christmas Judy Endow

Christmas, Autism, and Teaching Kindness Judy Endow

A Very Aspie Christmas Gavin Bollard

An autistic person’s Christmas: not bah humbug, just bald incomprehension Susan Dunne

Autism: A Very Sensory Experience Paul Isaacs

Why the Frustration of Planning for Christmas is Worth It For Autistic People Paddy Joe Moran

Seasonal Excitement Jay Avery Rowe

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