Thankful for Autistic Sharing and What the Autistic Community is Saying About Thanksgiving and the Holidays

Autistic Thanksgiving

I’d like say that I’m grateful for the many Autistic people I’ve corresponded with who have helped me to better understand autism, raise my son with a positive autistic identity, and shape my advocacy efforts for this community. This website is a platform for autistic voices and expertise, but only because so many Autistic individuals have chosen to speak and educate the world.

This website obtains content from two ways:

1. My own research on the latest news, ideas, and voices coming from the Autistic community.

2. Individuals on the spectrum who are graciously willing to donate their time and energy to sharing their stories and advice directly on this website. This website doesn’t generate revenue, so their stories are voluntary, and much appreciated.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for:

  • Autistics who are willing to share their stories. I’m thankful because they certainly don’t owe the non-autistic community anything. The Autistic community should be valued for their individual humanity, not only as a resource for the neurotypical community. Additionally, often times the sharing of stories (while educational) forces people to deal with the effects of trauma and past abuse. This is something that should be recognized, respected, and accommodated.
  • The gift of positive change that comes from listening to those on the spectrum. If we open our minds and hearts to listening to others and truly being open to change, we can experience the wonderful feeling of positive transformation. We can better serve others and, in turn, help create waves of positive change in the communities around us.
  • The varied talents, personalities, and perspectives autistic people bring to the world. Difference is a good thing, and varied perspectives are important to the world.
  • Supportive family and friends. I’m grateful for those who have listened to our family’s advice to accept neurodiversity and advocate for positive change.

Autism and Thanksgiving Resources

I’m also grateful for Autistic individuals who are willing to shed light on inclusive holiday gatherings and ways families can become more accommodating for Autistic needs during Thanksgiving, especially. Below is a sampling of some articles all authored by Autistic individuals or featuring autistic input on the topic of Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season.

5 Simple Steps to Hosting an Autism-Friendly Thanksgiving By Kaylene George

Insights From An Autistic Woman On How To Deal With Holiday Stressors By Kimberly Gerry-Tucker

How To Manage Sensory Overload During The Holidays By Tina Fletcher

Autistic Adults Share What Helped (And What Didn’t) Manage the Stress of the Holidays By Ellen Stumbo

Surviving the Holidays While Autistic By Corina Becker

Autism and Holidays: Success Through Meticulous Planning By Shannon Des Roches Rosa

Chanukah By Carol Greenburg

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