Holiday Shopping That Supports Autistic Small Businesses

Still working on your holiday shopping list? If you are looking for ways to support autistic individuals this year, consider spending some holiday dollars on items recommended by the autistic community or directly supporting autism employment by purchasing from an autistic-run business! Here are some ideas:

11 Businesses Owned and Run By People on the Autism Spectrum You Can Support

Organizations That Support Autistic Entrepreneurs

Pro-Neurodiversity Apparel

“Respect the stim. Celebrate neurodiversity.”

“A world without autism is a world without me!”

“Cognitive dissident”

“Autism. Different. Not less.”

“People, not puzzles”

“If at first you don’t succeed, perseverate.”


“Neurodiversity is natural.”

“Compliance is not my goal.”

“Just keep stimming.”

“Autism is not a tragedy. Running out of chocolate is. And ignorance. But mostly the chocolate thing.”


“Acceptance is an action.”

“Inclusion is for everyone.”

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