Autism Acceptance Holiday Gifts


I know there’s not a lot of shopping time left before Christmas, but below are some websites that sell autism acceptance and neurodiversity gear that could make great gifts this holiday season!

Many of these gifts have sayings or slogans on them that promote autism acceptance and challenge the status quo. I’ve included some examples with each link.

“Respect the stim. Celebrate neurodiversity.”

“A world without autism is a world without me!”

“Cognitive dissident”

“Autism. Different. Not less.”

“People, not puzzles”

“If at first you don’t succeed, perseverate.”


“Neurodiversity is natural.”

“Compliance is not my goal.”

“Just keep stimming.”

“Autism is not a tragedy. Running out of chocolate is. And ignorance. But mostly the chocolate thing.”


“Acceptance is an action.”

“Inclusion is for everyone.”

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