Autism Interview #159: Robbie Ierubino on the Creative Pentagram

Robbie Ierubino is an American artist studying Arts and Creative Technologies at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. In a 2019 interview on this blog, he shared his own style of art he developed, which he calls “shapism” and how he uses his art to communicate his unique world perspective and advocate for autism acceptance. This week he shared new creative process theory the Creative Pentagram and offers advice for Autistic artists.

Autism Interview #144 Part 1: Lucas Ksenhuk on Art and Autism Acceptance

Lucas Ksenhuk is an 18-year-old Autistic artist from Brazil. He has an unmistakable style that has been the talk of many street art exhibitions in São Paulo, such as Egg Parade, Cow Parade, and Elephant Parade, Football Parade, Ear Parade, and Vitruvian Parade. Lucas believes his art can help people and sees it as a way to transform his own life and that of others, bringing independence and recognition to the spectrum. Lucas’ recently released book with Underline Publishing, A Real Story Created With Colorful Lines, tells his story of a young autistic man who overcame his difficulties through art and is illustrated with images of his work. He discusses his life experience being autistic and how he became a recognized visual artist.

Autism Interview #113: Jon Adams on Autism, Art, and the Flow Observatorium

Jon Adams Flow Observatorium

Jon Adams is the founder of Flow Observatorium, a national project initially granted funding from Arts Council England and now a Charitable Incorporated Organization. Flow Observatorium’s aim is to become a hub for neurodivergent artists, providing peer support and campaigning for recognition, parity of opportunity, and funding. This week Jon shares his passion for art despite a lack of support throughout his childhood. He also discusses his mission to ensure other autistic artists have the opportunity to create in their own space on their own terms.

Autism Interview #90: Robbie Ierubino on Art and Autism Acceptance

Robbie Ierubino is an American artist with autism studying Graphic Design at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, England. He has developed his own style of art which he calls “shapism” and uses his art to communicate his unique world perspective and advocate for acceptance. This week he shared how autism influences his art and his passion for working to improve autism acceptance.

Autism Interview #88: Morgan Giosa on Freelancing, Music, and Art

Morgan Giosa is a 26 year-old web developer, blues guitarist, photographer, and visual artist from Connecticut. Morgan says his music and visual art ultimately come to him from his “unique and unconventional intuition and emotions, and his quirky, idiosyncratic view of the world.” This week he shared his experience as a freelance web developer, musician, and how he recently learned to embrace his Autistic identity.

Autism Interview #55: Haley Moss on Growing Up with a Positive Autistic Identity

Haley Moss is an artist, author, and autism advocate attending law school at the University of Miami. Her work is nationally recognized, and she is the author of “Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About” and “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders.” This week she shared how she grew up with a positive autistic identity and offered suggestions of ways parents and family can improve autism acceptance and advocate for their loved ones on the spectrum.