April is Autism Acceptance Month

This is a reposting originally published on this blog last year.

April is autism awareness month and autism acceptance month. There are a variety of different ways people can celebrate this designation. I’ve written an earlier post on autism acceptance, so I thought I would take some time here to aggregate information available from people on the spectrum regarding their views on autism awareness month.


This website explains that the traditional designation of April as autism awareness month was insufficient to the autistic community who wished to emphasize treating people on the spectrum with respect, listening to what they have to say and welcoming them into the world.


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) says they are committed to changing the dialogue about autism from fear, pity, and tragedy to support, acceptance, and empowerment.

Ask an Autistic: Amythest Schaber talks about Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Day Self-care Checklist

This is a post written for autistic people who may be offended or overwhelmed by all of the information and opinions about autism present in the media in April.


The Autism Acceptance Project aims to promote the acceptance of everyone on the spectrum during the month of April and beyond.

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