5 Ways to Commit to an Autism Acceptance Resolution

This New Year let’s make a resolution to spread love and autism acceptance. Are you on board? Here are 5 ways to keep this commitment:

  1. Follow an autistic blog. Visit our blog reference page for links to several blogs written by autistic people.
  2. Make a contribution to ASAN. The autistic self advocacy network works to advance public policy to support individuals on the spectrum and improve general autism acceptance all over the world.
  3. Involve your child in therapy decisions as often as possible. Try to learn about the skills your child wants to develop and show them how to work towards those goals.
  4. Discuss autism and neurodiversity in a positive light. Discuss autism as a difference rather than a disorder. Emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of ALL people, including those both on and off the spectrum.
  5. Connect with your local autistic community–visit a talk or other event hosted by or featuring individuals on the spectrum. This is a good way to meet other people in your community and hear the issues they face on a daily basis.

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