Learn From Autistics Featured on Geek Club Books


This week the Learn From Autistics blog was featured on Geek Club Books as a 2016 Impactful Blog!

The link to the Learn From Autistics Feature can be found here.

Geek Club Books is an autism advocacy organization founded by Jodi Murphy that uses storytelling as a catalyst for change.

From their site: “We ignite hearts and open minds through autism stories so all individuals with autism have every opportunity in this world to shine.”

Geek Club Books creates children books, videos, and blog content that aim to end damaging autism stereotypes. They also hire people on the spectrum to help with their content development.

A few of the Geek Club Books editorial team members have also contributed content to this site:

Lydia Wayman

Emma Dalmayne

Their website has loads of resources for teachers and educators and highlights the voice of the autistic individual. Go check it out!


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