Learn from Autistics is an autism advocacy organization providing practical solutions for parents and family of children and young adults on the autism spectrum. We believe autistic individuals should be at the forefront of the public conversation about autism and publish resources that teach parents about neurodiversity, environmental accommodations, and autism research based on different autistic perspectives.



We understand every person on the spectrum has a voice and that neurotypicals should respect and address the needs expressed by autistics and not dismiss them as flawed because of where they came from.


The Learn from Autistics Site

Our website offers a variety of practical parenting and teaching resources with an emphasis on respecting the voice and dignity of the autistic person. Check out our Resources section or visit our Blog for more information!

Practical Parenting

This section of our blog features articles of interest to anyone with a family member on the spectrum with practical advice for raising confident and independent autistic adults.

Autism Interviews

Our autism interviews provide parents, caregivers, and teachers with the crucial experience of hearing autistic voices as they try to better serve the autistic children in their lives.

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