Voices From the Spectrum #45: A.J. Mahari on the Stigma of Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Acceptance

A.J. Mahari is a counselor, life coach, mental health and personal development coach, and author on the spectrum. A.J. was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 40 and manages the website aspergeradults.ca, which seeks to talk about not only her own experience and insights as an adult with Asperger’s, but also call attention to the gender differences in females and males with AS. This week A.J. shared some of her experiences as a counselor to other individuals with Asperger’s, the stigma of autism, and how to advocate for people on the spectrum.

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Voices From the Spectrum #44: Bob Christian, “Aspergers Poet”

Bob Christian Aspergers Poet

Bob Christian, “Aspergers Poet,” is a father, husband, and poet on the autism spectrum. He blogs about his life, on The Ramblings of Bob Christian. He is also author of a collection of poetry called Behind the Mask. This week, he shared his experiences on receiving a late diagnosis and having two neurotypical daughters.


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Voices from the Spectrum #10: Chris Bonnello on Understanding Different Perspectives

Chris Bonnello

Chris Bonnello is a public speaker and writer with Asperger’s syndrome from Great Britain. He formerly taught primary school in Britain where he worked in special education classes with children on all areas of the spectrum. Chris currently blogs at autisticnotweird.com where he writes to raise awareness about the needs of people on the spectrum and offer guidance to those “trying to navigate their way through life with autism.” He is also working on his MA in Creative Writing.

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